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Disturbed: Evolution World Tour - San Diego

It's not hard to see why the band Disturbed is so successful. They have a great group of people who make up an extraordinary team.  I was fortunate enough to have "All Access" to their January 9th show at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego. They put on a really great show for about 16,000 fans.

Myself and a couple of Taylor coworkers had recently gone through all of their Taylor acoustics to make sure everything was just right for their Evolution World Tour that started in San Diego. I'm always interested in knowing how our pickups and electronics sound and perform in major arena performances.  So, I was excited when they offered us full access to the show.

We hung around at sound-check to get feedback from the band. We spoke briefly with Dan Donegan to make sure everything was good. They were happy. That's what I wanted to hear.

They had a second stage located near Front-Of-House for their acoustic songs. After that they went back to the main stage to perform Sound Of Silence. They totally rocked it.

To stay on top of your game you need to surround yourself with a great team. The band members and the crew of Disturbed remind me of the Taylor Guitars team that I've worked with for over 16 years. There's a sense of pride, ownership and accountability that embodies each team member. Everyone is working hard and focused on their tasks. With all of the effort and energy that they put into their performances, it's not hard to see why the band Disturbed is so successful.

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