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I just recently finished a prototype design for an audio circuit that integrates a SKRM DSP module with analog processing. If you've never messed with DSP audio effects before, the folks at SpinSemiconductor make it pretty easy. They offer small modules with built in DSP effects.
Trenton Blizzard Audio DSP SpinSemiconductor SKRM Module
For my design, the SKRM module will install on the bottom side of this prototype PCB. The header-socket isn't installed in this image. Getting DSP effects into your audio designs is a fairly straight forward process when using these modules. However, coding your own DSP will require a great commitment in time in order to master your own effects.

According to Experimental Noize, the FV-1 IC's are available individually and come pre-programmed with effects. You will need to include external memory if you want to create your own effects. Find out more at Experimental Noize.


Trenton Blizzard SKRM DSP Module
Shown above is 1 of 3 SKRM modules available mounted in my BB-SK breadboard adapter. BB-SK adapters make it really easy to prototype audio circuits with these cool little DSP modules by bringing out all of the double row pins into a single row that you can plug into a standard electronics breadboard. All pin functions are labeled on the PCB for easy hookup.

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