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Nixie Tube Clock by Dalibor Farný at Tube Depot

The Art of Making Nixie Tubes:

I came across this video while searching for Compactron tubes at Tube Depot.  This is awesome! New production Nixie Tubes!

These modern Nixie tubes are now part of a custom clock called "BLUB KEO" available at Tube Depot.  It looks like Blub Keo began as a KickStarter project at

Click the image above for the Kickstarter video or use the link below.
The kickstarter video link:

BLUB KEO - Color Options

New Production Nixie Tubes 

Nixie Clock - Copper Color

The single digit cycles through the numbers for the hour and minutes. It's pretty cool.


  • Time
  • Date
  • Temperature
  • Alarm
  • Zero Noise
  • Zero Heat
  • USB power connection 
  • Infra red remote
Blub Keo is about the size of a soda can and sells for about $450.00.
For more information see Tube

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