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How To Design A 12AX7 Gain Stage - Part 2

Part 2 in this video series where I show you how to simulate and build a 12AX7 vacuum tube gain stage.

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How To Design A 12AX7 Gain Stage - Part 1

Here's part 1 of a 4 part series on building your own 12AX7 gain stage.

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Los Angeles Audio Show - June 2-4, 2017

California's premier consumer audio show


110 Sound Room Demos    |   40 Headphone Demos   |    17 World Class Seminars     |       Loudspeakers    |    Turntables    |      Home Theater     |    Car Zone     |     Marketplace     |    Beer Zone     |     Live Music     |     Giveaway    |     Awards

June 2-4, 2017

Sheraton Gateway Hotel

Los Angeles, California

The LA Audio Show, hosted in collaboration with The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society is the US West Coast's epicenter for discovering the best and latest audio technologies from leading global manufacturers and dealers.
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Ultra Low Power LED

The days of 20mA currents for LED's are over. New LED's operate on currents less than 2mA.

 Ultra Low Power

A low power LED I've been using in my designs is the Broadcom / Avago HLMP-K150-C0002. It's a 3mm LED that lights up very well at just 0.5mA.

(Images show my ultra low power Direct Box design where I operate them at just 250uA!)

Get these for your low power projects at Digikey or Mouser. Comments always welcome.

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