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Slate Plugins - On Sale - THIS WEEK ONLY

The Slate Digital team has done it again with another crazy deal. They are offering, this week only,

For Just $149 Annually You Get:
  • Every Single Slate Plugin
  • Every New Plugin That Comes Out
  • Top Third-Party Plugins
  • Never-Ending Free Updates
  • Authentic Analog Modeling
  • FREE Pro Mixing & Mastering Course
  • FREE FG-224 & FG-224XL Expansion Pack For VerbSuite Classics
  • FREE iLok3 (If You Don’t Have One)
 Almost too good to be true.
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1176 DIY Kit Issues?

Every now and then my 1176 kit gets a little "wonky". So, I'll go in and poke around a bit until the trouble seem to go away. If you have built your own 1176 kit and have experienced strange issues, you might want to check out the new F.A.Q. section at Hariball Audio.

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Keysight oscilloscope starting at $449

Keysight has traditionally been a high end scope manufacturer. But, now they are finally getting more aggressive to compete with Rigol and Tektronix. The InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series of two-channel oscilloscopes have bandwidths of 50 MHz, 70 MHz, and 100 MHz

Get the full scoop at
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Plate Reverb Project?

I came across this EMT 140 reverb description while perusing my Audio Cyclopedia last night. I just might consider building one of these and documenting the entire process. 

It looks somewhat do-able. 3' x 6' annealed steel sheet, tubular steal frame, one magnetic driver, 2 piezo pickups, some sort of amplifier / mixer circuit. Who knows, it could be fun....

Although my plate reverb plug-ins are convenient, they're nothing like a real plate verb! I'll look into a bit more and post next week on my decision. 

First, I'll need to figure out a place to put it! 

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