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Pivot-All Guitar Plug by Godlyke Distributing

The PIVOT-ALL 1/4" guitar plug from Godlyke. These could be handy if you constantly find yourself routing cables in tight spots on your pedal boards.

The design is pretty cool. The plug rotates 180 degrees using a wiper type contact.

They are currently available only in Tip-Sleeve / Mono / Unbalanced configuration.
No TRS / balanced / stereo version is available. (That would mean two wiper contacts!)

They're not cheap. I ordered my PV-A Pivoting Plug from Godlyke Distributing for $20.00.
They also have other plugs available as well. Find out more at Godlyke Distributing.

I will build this plug into a cable and let you know how it works out.
Thanks for reading.