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Want your song mixed by Chris Lord-Alge?

Chris Lord-Alge Audio Legends Mix Course 2 at Audio
A song will be hand picked by Chris Lord-Alge himself to be used in the course.
Submit your song by April 1st.

Here are the requirements:
  • Must be in the Rock or Hard Rock genre (For Example- Green Day, Seether, Nickelback...)
  • Must have live recorded drums. They don't have to be recorded in a big studio. Drums recorded in a living room or bedroom are ok too, but they must be live drums and not programmed.
  • You must have the rights to the session and song. 

In order to submit your song, send a link (soundcloud, youtube, etc) of the rough mix to:

DO NOT attach any files. Any submissions with file attachments will not be looked at.

For more information on Audio Legends, visit
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Tektronix 2-Channel Oscilloscope for only $450.00

It looks like Tektronix is finally going start giving Rigol a run for their money with the TBS1000B Series 2-Channel Oscilloscopes.
Online retailers such as Mouser Electronics and Newark are currently selling the TBS1032B 30MHz model for only $450.00.

If you don't already own an oscilloscope I highly recommend you purchase one.  Although oscilloscopes have never been inexpensive, they are a must-have tool for audio design and troubleshooting.

I remember purchasing my first analog 20MHz scope, from Gateway Electronics in San Diego, for $400 while in college. That was a major investment for me at the time. However, having daily access to my own scope empowered me to improve the quality of my circuit designs.

The ability to see how your circuits are actually functioning can't be overstated. If you don't currently own a scope, and you want to design electronic circuits, then you need to invest in an oscilloscope very soon.

And now you can own an actual Tektronix scope for only $450.00. Absolutely amazing!

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Apple Recalls Travel Adapter Kits and Plugs Due to Risk of Electric Shock

Recall Summary

Name of product: AC adapter kits and plug adapters
The two-prong wall plug adapters for Australia/New Zealand/Argentina, Brazil, Continental Europe and Korea can break and expose the metal portion of the adapter, posing an electric shock risk.

Get the full details at the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

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Universal Audio LA-610 MKII Distortion Test

Recent blog comments regarding capacitor types in the LA-610 MKII got me wondering about the distortion performance of the unit. So, I pulled my unit out of my rack and put it on my bench for a quick look at how it performs.

For my first look I only used the Instrument input on the front panel. Below is the distortion performance with a 250mV input signal working the INPUT control from "1" to "5".

The Comp/Limiter was "bypassed" during this test. Blue is "1" and the Pink is "5". The Pink is just above 0.1% THD. I'm measuring the Line-Out XLR output.

The A-Weighting filter option is being used with a Fast RMS detector.

LA-610 MKII "Inst Input" Distortion

Next I looked at the distortion performance with the compressor squashing the same 250mV input signal about -10db. I added a bit of make-up gain to get my signal close to where it was without any compression.

THD is just above 1% at 100Hz. There is a lot of coloring going on here which is what I love about the LA-610. I'm measuring the Line-Out XLR output.

The A-Weighting filter option is being used with the Fast RMS detector.

LA-610 MKII Compressor Distortion

What's Next?

I will look at the microphone input THD next so please keep checking back.
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