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64' Bel Air

What's a guy to do when he already doesn't have enough time? I know what you're going to say. Start a car restoration project! Right? Yeah, because that's totally going to help me get my recording gear completed.

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to my first and possibly my last classic car project.
The 1964 Bel Air.

Right now this door collector is in the desert basking in the sun. One of my first goals is to get it running. I'm pretty sure it needs a new battery.  Probably new tires as well.

I believe it has a 283 V8 and a 2 Speed Power Glide Transmission. I think I see an air conditioning pump on the left. I don't have any plans to make this thing a race car so I am just going to have the original motor and tyranny rebuilt. And no, I won't be doing it myself.

The interior is pretty clean. Just a few rips and tears to deal with. Again, no plans to redo it. I'm just going to have it brought back to life.

I plan on leaving most of the car fairly stock. I will make a few changes to make it more reliable. And of course it needs a great stereo. Hopefully I can find something that looks old but plays modern media.

I am definitely going to paint it, but not right away. I will be taking it to a few car shows as it comes back to life. I will be posting the progress of this sweet ride right here.


Thanks for reading,