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Purchasing and Installing Lexicon PCM Reverb Plugins

I don't recommend purchasing any plugin at full price unless you absolutely have to. Most plugins eventually go on sale. Below I have outlined the process I went through to purchase and install the Lexicon PCM reverb bundle during Lexicon's June 2015 50% off sale.

PCM Reverb Purchase Process

Purchasing Lexicon plugins is very similar to purchasing other plugins. Simply add-to-cart and pay. Just make sure you have an ILok2 device because it is required. Also, make sure you verify your order because just like purchasing other plugins "ALL SALES ARE FINAL".

You will need a Lexicon account. I don't think they let you check out as a "guest" like other online retailers do. Once you are confident you have what you need in your cart then proceed through the payment process.

Downloading Lexicon PCM Plugins

Your order confirmation email includes a "link" to the Lexicon product page for the plugins you ordered. Also, your ILok "Authorization Key" is located in your order confirmation email as well.

Once you have clicked the email link and are on the product page for the plugins your ordered, go to the "download" tab and locate the installer file that matches your systems requirements (mac/win, 32/64bit etc.). Then download the appropriate installer file.

ILok2 USB Key

An ILok2 USB key is required for Lexicon plugin operation. If you do not currently own one you will need to purchase a PACE iLok 2nd Generation USB software authorization key from online retailers such as BH Video. BH Video has them for $40.00 each. Other places want $50.00 each.

Please note: This is not a standard USB thumb drive. It's a special device specifically for license files. A single ILok2 USB key can store a whole bunch of your license files so you most likely only need to purchase one of them. Also, you will need an ILok account in order to activate your ILok licenses.

ILok License Manager

ILok has a license manager application that needs to be downloaded and installed. Again, make sure you choose the correct version for your system.  During my installation process the .exe was "compressed" and needed to "extract" extra files to install properly. 


Redeeming ILok Activation Code

To redeem your ILok activation code for the plugins you just purchased you will need to click the button pointed to by the red arrow below. Then insert your "Authorization Key" that's in your order confirmation email into the window box shown below. You only need to copy and paste the whole key into just one box. Then hit "Next".


Transferring ILok License to ILok2 USB Key

Once you have redeemed your activation code your license should be available under the "available (1)" menu button at the top of the screen located in between "all licenses" and "all activations". Then you need to insert your ILok2 device, select the license file you wish to transfer, and then select your ILok2 device.

I believe you can drag the license file over to your ILok2 device on the left side of the screen. If you are certain you have selected the correct license file and the correct ILok device then proceed with the transfer.

Installing Lexicon PCM Reverb Plugins

From your downloads tab in your browser make sure you save your installation file somewhere that is safe. With your newly downloaded installation file ready, just double-click the .exe and follow the prompts. It's really that easy. If you run into major issues you can try the Lexicon Support page.

Using Lexicon PCM Plugins

With your ILok2 USB device installed, fire up your DAW and your Lexicon plugins should now be available. 


The biggest hassle during the ordering process was making sure the 50% off coupon code was redeemed properly. I had to back out of the cart at least once to get it to show up in the final purchase price. Although there is a fair amount of work involved with the license files, installation of the Lexicon PCM plugins could not have been easier.

My Overall Impression
I now understand what everyone is talking about when it comes to Lexicon PCM reverbs. I'm very impressed with how smooth these plugins sound. But, even at 50% off, I wouldn't consider them cheap plugins. One nice thing is that Lexicon allows you to DEMO the plugins before purchasing them. And, if you really like the way they sound, I recommend you wait until they go on sale.

Thanks for reading,

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