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Hammond Stomp Box Enclosures

Transporting breadboarded circuits around a studio can be a real pain. So, I would like to share with you my approach to building mobile prototype circuits. These simple to build boxes have really saved me from a lot of headaches over the years. Shown is the box I am presently working on.

Hammond Vacuum Tube Prototype Box

trenton blizzard hammond box


How Can I Make One?

It's actually fairly easy to make one of these. You just need access to some basic tools like a drill and a soldering iron. The hardest part is deciding what features you want to install.


First, choose a Hammond stomp box enclosure or something similar. These are available from a variety of online stores that sell electronic components such as Mouser , Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Second, drill the holes you need for your jacks, switches and pots. Then figure out how you want to bring in power and drill holes for those connectors. I used banana connectors on the back side of this project box to easily connect to my high voltage power supplies.

Top View

 trenton blizzard hammond stomp box

Third, "Double stick" some electronics breadboards to the bottom of the box. Make sure to leave enough clearance to fit your jacks and switches. Things can get pretty tight.

Fourth, mount all of your hardware.

Fifth, solder wires to your hardware and bring those wires into your breadboard.

Done - Now you're ready to start building!

 Front View


These simple prototype boxes can save you a ton of trouble when moving your circuits around the studio. Have fun and build safely. I'll post more images when it's completed!

Update: 5-26-2015

Added a Jensen 115K mic input transformer and a Cinemag 2810 output transformer as well as two 1/4" TRS jacks. It's almost ready.....

trenton blizzard hammond enclosure

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