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Tube Microphone Preamplifier

Update: Custom 19" Rack Enclosure

I have made some progress with one of my custom rack enclosures. I am building a vacuum tube mic-pre into an unfinished enclosure. Features will be simple with Stepped Gain Control, Phantom Power, Phase Select, Input Select and Input Pad.

 Tube Preamplifier Prototype

trenton blizzard mic preamp prototype

Concept Drawing

trenton blizzard mic pre concept drawing

This concept drawing I made using Corel Draw. I'm not sure if I am going to do "rack handles" at this time. The right side of the front panel is where the special "drive amplifier" controls will be.
This feature will create strong harmonics for stunning vocal effects.

There are also a few other controls on the front panel that I currently don't have any use for but I installed them anyways. On the far right hand side are the LED level meters and the power switch. The LED holes have not been punched at this time.

 Heathkit IP-32

At first I will power the prototype with a classic Heathkit IP-32 high voltage power supply. Then I will install the permanent power supply once I figure out what voltages I need. If you can find an IP-32 on Ebay I highly recommend you pick one up. They are very handy for vacuum tube circuit design work.

trenton blizzard heathkit ip-32

I will post more as the project progresses.

Thanks for reading,

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