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19" Custom Rack Enclosure Powder Coated

Powder coating is actually fun. I recently spent a day with John Kennedy, of, to learn how to powder coat a couple of my rack enclosures. Considering I had never powder coated before they didn't turn out too bad.


In the past I have used commercial shops such as ECP in El Cajon. But, this time I wanted to give it a try myself.

John's oven was only big enough for the panels and rack face plate, so I ended up spraying the rest of the enclosure with some textured automotive paint. Overall I would say "not bad for prototypes".

Of the many colors we tested throughout the day only a couple really turned out. Blue and black were the favorites!


The hammertone blue looks pretty good in person. I am looking forward to seeing how well it looks with some anodized front panels.

The next task for these two 19" rack units is to have some front panels made so I can evaluate the various color options. I'll keep you posted as things progress.

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