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Audio Classes In San Diego


There are many benefits to taking audio classes. The biggest benefit for me is gaining exposure to more complex Pro Tools features. Unfortunately, most professional level audio classes are not cheap. But, they can greatly accelerate your skill set. So, if you are serious about music production then consider investing in yourself and start taking classes. I'm glad I did.

trenton blizzard pro tools training



If you live in the San Diego area there is TRAC The Recording Arts Center. TRAC is also known as Studio West . Studio West is for recording and TRAC is for audio production training. They are both located in the same building. TRAC is located at 11021 Via Frontera, Suite A San Diego, CA 92127.


Another benefit of training at a facility like TRAC is that they offer AVID certifications for both music production and post production. Each certification has its own application so choose wisely.

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50s vs Modern Les Paul Wiring

50s Les Paul Wiring

I finally got around to installing those paper-in-oil capacitors I blogged about a while back. I decided to wire up my guitar using the 50's Gibson Les Paul wiring. Here's a link to Seymor Duncan that talks about it in greater detail.

trenton blizzard 50s les paul wiring


50s vs Modern Les Paul Wiring

The main difference between the 50's Les Paul wiring and modern wiring is how the tone circuit is connected.

Modern - Today, the tone circuit is connected to the top of the volume potentiometer (side tab).
50's - The vintage 50's wiring connects the tone circuit to the volume pot wiper terminal (middle tab).


The capacitors I installed are manufactured by Electocube. I used two of their AM series of (Kraft) paper in oil film types. I installed .022uF in both tone circuits.


Is it worth the effort?
If you play with volume and tone controls at 'max' then there's no difference from modern wiring.

When will I hear the difference?
If you adjust volume and tone controls then it can make a difference. (more tonal options)

Would I mod other guitars?
Yes. I would mod other guitars to the vintage 50's Les Paul wiring.

Sound Clips?
I hope to have sound clips on here soon that demonstrate the 50's wiring sound.

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