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DIY RIBBON MIC TUTORIAL by Austin Microphones

Ribbon mics have got a "thing". They've got this texture "thing" that other mics just don't have.
Don't get me wrong, I love condenser mics too. But, they're built differently and don't respond like ribbons do.

With a condenser mic project already in the works, I've been looking around for what might be my next mic build project. As it turns out, there's a cool place called Austin Microphones that offers ribbon mic kits as well as DIY instructions for building your own ribbon mic from scratch. Yes, from "scratch". Too cool!

So, to see what's involved in the process I ordered their DIY Ribbon Mic Tutorial. It's available as a .pdf download for about $10.00 USD. The payment process was a breeze using PayPal. Also, with the purchase of the tutorial you get a password for their online DIY video content.

So, here's a sneak peak at what's included in Rev 4.1 (not necessarily complete or in order):
1. Body & Screen Fab - Shows simple setups to create the mic body and wind screen   
2. Corrugating the Ribbon - Part of the "art" of ribbon mic design - This will be fun
3. Ribbon "Motor" Assembly - Construction & assembly of the ribbon element and truss
4. Transformer Info - Build your mic with a quality output transformer (purchased separately)
5. Final Assembly - This is where it all comes together
6. Test Procedures - The magical moment of hearing it work! Or, figuring out why it doesn't!

Every time I read through the plans I say to myself "I really want to do this'. It's got me fired up about building ribbon mics. So, if you are into building mics or maybe considered building a ribbon mic before, be sure to at check out the DIY plans. I think you will enjoy the read!

Please note: All images used by permission and are property of Rickshaw Records.

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