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If you can get a chance you should take the time to visit Vintage King Los Angeles.
It's a cool shop with great gear and a very helpful staff.

To visit VKLA you need to make an appointment. It's easy to do. You just call their number and set up a time and day to visit. You enter the building through a sliding fence located on Sunset Blvd.
You can either push the "call button" or call the phone number so they can open the gate for you.


Once inside I was immediately greeted. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and very knowledgeable about audio gear. I originally set up the appointment with Chris Karn. When I arrived I was as assisted by Robert Alexander. Both of them are totally easy going audio guys. During my visit Robert and I spent a good deal of that time trading stories about guitars and pro audio gear. It was a lot of fun.


There are two "showrooms" and a "lobby" type area as you enter through the front doors.
The lobby area has a glass case with "stompbox" type effects in it. There were some acoustic absorption panels on the walls with graphics of Les Paul eating a sandwich at an electronics bench. Very cool indeed.




The main room has a ton of cool gear as well as a small iso-booth with lots of cool mics ready to be auditioned. Lots of tall racks with gear top to bottom. There were also a few mixing/control consoles set up around the room. They looked ready to demo as well.

There were some familiar brands like Manley, API, Neve, Purple, Dangerous and Shadow Hills. There were also some brands that I did not recognize at the time such as Burl, Looptrotter, Buzzaudio and Airfield. Ah, the things you learn when you go visit places.....


The second showroom looked like the place you go to audition monitors. Their slanted walls made me feel like I was going to fall over.  Inside this room were an API and an SSL console. Both consoles looked like they were fully ready to to be put to the test.


If you can get a chance to visit Vintage King Los Angeles I highly recommend it. It's a different experience than visiting a typical local music store. VKLA is dedicated to Pro Audio! They really take good care of you while you are there. Also, you can demo all kinds of killer gear!

Find out for yourself at:

US: 888.653.1184
INT'L: +1.248.591.9276

Phone Hours (Sales)
Mon-Fri – 10am-9pm ET
Sat – 12pm-5pm ET

Phone Hours (Customer Service)
Mon-Fri – 10am-6pm ET

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