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Vacuum Tube Direct Box

Printed Circuit Boards have arrived. The first Prototype should be built up this coming weekend. I will post photos.

Printed circuit boards have been ordered for my vacuum tube direct box. These D.I.'s will be in extremely limited supply. I only have a small supply of 12U7 tubes and I need to be sure to save some for a few up and coming projects. A total of 5 Vacuum Tube D.I.'s will be built. When they are gone they are gone for good. Stay tuned for installation and testing reports. Gerbers shown below.
Vacuum Tube Direct Box by Trenton Blizzard

The design was built using my vacuum tube bread board adapters. These adapters allow you to prototype tube circuits on a standard electronics bread board. A single low voltage 12U7 dual triode is used in this design. The balanced output is derived from a Jensen D.I. transformer. The circuit on my test bench is shown below.